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Hargeisa International Book Fair

The Hargeysa International Book Fair is a flagship of art and cultural celebration in the Horn of Africa from Somaliland.

It has been there for 12 years without interruption until this year due to the worldwide crises of Covid-19 that have shifted the world from the way we knew to a new normal of physical distancing as we would like to refer to it then the Social Distancing.

Hence, the Board of the Redsea Cultural Foundation in consultation with the Executive Leadership of Hargeysa Cultural Centre would like to inform its wide audience of the cancellation of the Hargeysa International Book Fair 2020 which was scheduled for July20-25th 2020. It is a very sad and disappointing situation but we value the safety and health of our friends which is central to the decision.

Nevertheless, to uphold the spirit of the bookfair and to keep on bringing the world closer as we do with the bookfair, the centre has created an alternative platform that is inline with the new normal that assures the celebration of knowledge production, sharing and cooperation in its new webinar series called  Africa 40 and 40 Webinar series.

The webinar, for now, is dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in all life aspects of communities in Africa but it is intended as a platform for continuous engagement by upholding the spirit of the bookfair which is bringing the world closer and placing Somaliland in the world of active engagement.

Further details regarding Somaliland events and Hargeysa International Book Fair please visit the official website of Hargeisa Cultural Centre.

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