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Location The Republic  of  Somaliland  comprises  the  most  northwesterly part of Somalia. It extends for roughly 400km from west to east along the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden, and is nowhere more than about 150km long from north to south. It lies between latitudes 8˚ and 11˚N and longitudes 43˚ and 49˚E.

Neighboring  countries  Djibouti  to  the  west,  Ethiopia  to  the  southwest, and the autonomous but unrecognized state of Puntland State of Somalia to the east. Somaliland and Puntland are still legally part of Somalia, which is bordered by Kenya to the southwest. 

Area Approximately 137,600km2. It is a rather small country by east African standards, comparable in area to Greece, Malawi, Bangladesh or the state of Arkansas.

Climate Most of the country is low lying, dry and hot, especially in summer when coastal temperatures soar to above 40˚C.

Status unrecognized constitutional presidential republic since 18 May 1991. 

President Muse Bihi Abdi

Vice-president Abdirahman Saylici 

Population 4.5 million (2017 estimate)

Life expectancy 52 (Somalia)

Capital Hargeisa 

Other main towns Burao, Borama, Berbera, Erigavo, Gabiley

Economy Predominantly subsistence agriculture and pastoralism, as well as import and trade between the port of Berbera and neighbouring Ethiopia. 

GDP US$1.9 billion (2015) or US$345 per capita

Languages Somali is the official language and almost universally spoken. Arabic and English both have a semi-official status, with the former being a mandatory school subject, while the latter is often spoken to a very high standard by returned exiles.

Religion As good as 100% Islamic

Currency Somaliland shilling (Ssh). The US dollar can be used for almost all transactions. 

Exchange rates US$1 = Ssh 574 

International telephone code +252

Time GMT +3

Electrical voltage 220V, 50Hz

Weights and measures Metric 

Flag Three horizontal bands: from top, green, white and red. There is a black star in the middle of the central white band. 

Public holidays Somaliland has Somaliland Independence day 26 June, Somaliland Re-assertion of independence 18 May, and four fixed-date secular and four moveable Islamic public holidays. Note the weekend is effed actively Thursday and Friday.

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