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Somaliland Museums and Historic Sites

saryan museum

Saryan Museum

Saryan Museum is opened in 2017, this private museum is housed in two custom-built Arabic- style buildings opposite the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (a well-known landmark).
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Historic sites

Somaliland Historic Sites

PREHISTORIC SITES Botiala necropolis – Bari. Ancient burial grounds next to Botiala fortress. The site includes some 200 stone cairns, some with standing stones. Jalelo site – Awdal. Paleolithic – Neolithic "factory" of stone tools – lanceheads, arrowheads, scrapers. The scientifically important site links the Paleolite cultures of the West and East.
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What is (the self declared state of) Somaliland?

Somaliland is NOT What You Think.

Is Somaliland a country by drewbinsky

Somaliland Attractions

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