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Somaliland National Parks and Monuments

List of Somaliland National Parks and Monuments.

Ga’an Libah National Park. Daallo National Park. Berbera Marina Park. Mount Wagar National Park. Hargeisa War Monument.

Ga'an libah

Ga’an Libah National Park

A southwesterly extension of the Golis Range – the long escarpment that also includes Mount Wagar and the Daallo Forest – Ga’an Libah (sometimes transcribed as Gacan Libaax) is a tall limestone ridge that rises to an elevation of 1,720m within the triangle formed by the surfaced roads connecting Berbera to Hargeisa and Burao.
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Daallo Somaliland

Daallo National Park

Somaliland’s foremost natural attraction, the Daallo (or Daloh) Forest lies in the spectacular Calmadow (or Al Mado) Range, a tall limestone and gypsum escarpment that rises dramatically from the low-lying coastal plain between Maydh and Bosaso.
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Berbera Marina Park

Berbera Marina Park

The Somaliland coast can justifiably lay claim to being one of the world’s best-kept marine secrets, lined as it is with a series of reefs whose potential as a diving and snorkeling destination is on a par with the better-publicized and more developed Red Sea and East African coastline that flank it.
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Mount Wagar

Mount Wagar National Park

MOUNT WAGAR is one of the highest points on the Golis Range, the 2,004m Mount Wagar (also known as Buuraha Wagar) and also one of the national parks of Somaliland, supports an extensive cover of Afromontane forest, dominated by the coniferous Juniperus procera and evergreen Buxus hildebrantii, while the lower slopes support patches of the...
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Hargeisa Somaliland

Hargeisa War Memorial

Hargeisa War Memorial is an eye-catching monument in the center of Hargeisa, the capital and largest city of Somaliland. Not only is the monument’s dais covered in colorful—and on closer inspection, quite brutal—murals, on its top, sits a downed MiG-17 fighter jet.
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