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Berbera old city, Somaliland

Where to stay and eat in Berbera

There are fewer hotels than might be expected in  Berbera,  and only two–the central  Damal and out-of-town  Maan-soor  –  that approach touristic standards. Several budget hotels can be found at the southern end of the town centre, and while none truly stands out, they are mostly acceptable enough.
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Sheikh, Somaliland

Where to stay and eat in Sheikh

The small town of Sheikh (population 35,000) lies at a relatively lofty altitude of 1,470m in the Golis Range, a mountainous escarpment that separates the coastal plain from the main Somali Plateau. Also sometimes spelled Sheekh or Sheik, the town straddles the surfaced main road to Burao about 70km southeast of Berbera. The ascent here...
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Hargeisa, hidodhowr

Where stay and eat in Hargeisa

There is no shortage of hotels in Hargeisa, overall standards are surprisingly high and most places represent a good value by African standards. Most but not all of the city’s smarter hotels, including the top-of-the-range Ambassador and Maan-soor, are clustered south of the city center close to the airport, or in the northwestern suburb of ...
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Ga'an Libah View

Where to stay and eat in Ga’an Libah

The only accommodation for tourists is a basic hut at the reserve headquarters that now operates as a community guesthouse and charges US$15 per person inclusive of a mattress and possibly bedding. No food is available in the reserve, so you will need to be self-sufficient.
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Burao, Somaliland, Somalia

Where to stay and eat in Burao

There is no shortage of accommodation in Burao but with the notable exception of the suburban City Plaza, it is all rather bland and functional.
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Zeila Somaliland

Where stay and eat in Zeila

Prior to the opening of the guesthouse, the only option was to bunk down in the open air on one of the beds at the customs area for just US$1.
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Borama, Somaliland

Where to stay and eat in Borama

The third-largest town in  Somaliland,  with a  population estimated at  230,000, Borama is the capital of Awdal Province. It is set at an altitude of 1,450m amid relatively fertile hills 110km west of Hargeisa and a mere 1km from the international boundary with Ethiopia (note, however, that there is no border crossing in town, though...
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Erigavo, Daallo Mountain

Where to stay and eat in Erigavo

The administrative capital of  Sanaag,  Erigavo  (also spelled  Ceerigaabo)  is an unassuming highland town of around 110,000 people, which makes it Somaliland’s fourth-largest settlement.
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